5 “Heroes” of Mobile Legends that are the Mainstay of MPL ID Season 7 Participants

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The Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 7 league round (Regular Season) e-sports tournament has entered its fourth week.

5 “Heroes” of Mobile Legends that are the Mainstay of MPL ID Season 7 Participants

The Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 7 league round (Regular Season) e-sports tournament has entered its fourth week.

Every week, MPL Indonesia holds seven matches which are scheduled to last for three days (Friday – Sunday).

Based on Kompas Tekno’s records, Friday (26/3/2021), there have been 65 matches held during the MPL ID Season 7 Regular Season round. In every match, players often use different “heroes” or characters to fight. So, throughout this competition, there are five characters or heroes who are most often picked (picked) by the eight participating e-sports Mobile Legends teams. Here is the list.

1. Yi Sun-Shin

This marksman-type hero is arguably the favorite among the MPL ID Season 7 participants.

As evidenced by the 65 matches that have been held, this character who has two weapons (sword and arrow) has been used 40 times, or appeared in 40 rounds.

The win rate for this hero is also quite high, namely 65.2 percent and has been banned (blocked) 15 times during MPL ID Season 7.

Yi Sun-Shin himself is a hero that is considered beneficial for the team that gets it because he has the ultimate skill called “Mountain Shocker”.

If this skill is used, the position of the opposing team will be seen on the minimap and players who are in the same team with it will be able to immediately attack the enemy hero who is off guard.

2. Benedetta

In second place is Benedetta, an assassin-type hero who is known to be agile, tanky, and often used to hunt down off guard enemies.

Apart from being difficult to catch, Benedetta’s skill also has considerable damage among other assassin heroes, such as “Phantom Slash” to the ultimate called “Alecto: Final Blow”.

Not only dealing with damage, the various skills possessed by the character with this sword weapon can also have a slow effect on the enemy, so that if a hero is successfully chased by Benedetta, then he has little chance of survival.

So far, Benedetta has been voted 36 times out of 65 rounds with a 52.8 percent win rate.

This character is also often banned because of his skills that often make it difficult for opponents to play. In MPL ID Season 7, Benedetta was blocked 23 times out of four weeks.

3. Silvanna

Silvanna is the next best-selling hero in MPL ID Season 7 with a fairly high win rate of 63.9 percent. This fighter-type hero has been chosen 36 times.

However, Silvanna tends to be banned less frequently than Benedetta. Silvanna was only blocked 18 times over four weeks.

The ability of this spear-armed hero is the reason why Silvanna is an important asset of a team.

His ultimate skill called “Imperial Justice” can trap opposing players in a small area for a few seconds. That way, other teammates can finish off the enemy who is helpless.

Even though he is a fighter type, Silvanna himself can be used as a tank. Because, his skill called “Spiral Strangling” will provide a shield effect to the hero and simultaneously attract enemies.

4. Paquito

Paquito is a fighter-type character who recently visited Mobile Legends.

Its popularity increases because many of its skills are considered overpowering, to the point that this hero can win against more than one hero at once when trapped by the enemy even though he is alone.

Paquito himself can throw punches repeatedly at his opponent, while providing a shield effect like Silvanna earlier.

The three skills that can be combined are “Heavy Left Punch”, “Jab”, and can end with the ultimate “Knockout Strike”.

At the MPL ID Season 7, Paquito was played 31 times in 65 rounds, with a relatively low win rate of 41.9 percent.

Why is it low? Because once picked, Paquito was often beaten by more than one player. This is so that he “dies”, cannot buy items that can strengthen him, and makes him helpless in the late game.

However, because it is quite dangerous, many professional players immediately block this hero so that no one uses it. So far, Paquito has been banned 34 times.

5. Wanwan

Wanwan is one of the marksman heroes who is on the rise, beside Yi Sun-Shin earlier. This character has been picked 30 times and banned 22 times. The win rate itself is quite large, namely 63.3 percent.

Wanwan’s uniqueness made him often chosen in tournament-class matches. Because, he is very agile and is the only marksman who can jump one step in various directions after he shoots an arrow from his favorite bow.

This makes Wanwan a marksman hero who is difficult to catch. Moreover, he has the skill “Swallow’s Path” which can give slow and stun effects to enemies.

This skill can then be combined with an ultimate called “Crossbow of Tang” which can make Wanwan “fly” for a while, so she can’t be hit by her opponent.

Not to forget, Wanwan also has the skill “Needles in Flowers”, where he will release himself from all negative effects, such as slow, stun, burn, and so on and escape from enemy attacks.


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